top-logoJER HR Group is a leading compensation consultant working with a variety of leading national and international organizations for the past 25 years. We work with clients to design compensation and benefits strategies that are targeted to their individual organizational needs, easy to implement and built upon leading edge, best practices. JER HR Group offers a comprehensive suite of services that support an effective Total Rewards Strategy. Our services assist clients in establishing total compensation approaches that are competitive, but also assure that their compensation program complies with regulatory requirements. In each of the sections that follow, we describe more specific consulting services available to clients.
  • JER HR Group, for the past 25 years, has been working with clients in their Staff and Executive compensation.
  • We have completed hundreds of Intermediate Sanctions assignments for nonprofits all over the country.
  • We provide comprehensive compensation solutions in developing total cash compensation, incentive compensation and sales compensation.
  • We conduct compensation surveys both as part of a compensation study and also as a separate project.

Employee compensation is the most important component and an expense for most organizations. JER HR Group has been designing and developing staff compensation for organizations across the country for the past 25 years. Our design is based on the desired result where a staff compensation program reflects best practices and is externally competitive and internally equitable, cost effective and consistent.

We have developed programs that include:

  • Base salary design that is internally equitable and externally competitive
  • Total compensation program that includes incentive compensation program
  • Job Analysis and Market pricing of competitive positons
  • Salary band structure for fairness and equity in administering compensation plan
  • Plan implementation that assist Human Resources team in implementing the compensation plan
  • Sales compensation and deferred compensation program
  • Design of career pathing and development of career ladders
  • Compensation Communication
JER HR Group as a leading independent consultant has been specializing in executive compensation plan design for executives in non-profits serving many of the nation's leading corporations since 1990.

JER HR Group specializes in

  • Executive compensation in non-profits including health & human services, foundations, educational institutions, NGOs, Associations and hospitals.
  • We develop total compensation program including total cash compensation, deferred program and other incentive components
  • We design program that are in compliance with Intermediate Sanctions and New York EO 38, where applicable
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Employee Survey

  • For an organization to be successful, it must build a sound organizational culture.
  • Engaging and leveraging the talent within an organization is key to driving high performance in the workplace.
  • Part of a sound organization culture is a high performing workforce that is interconnected and engaged across all aspects of the business.
  • A robust employee engagement process can help an organization to develop workforce management strategies that are built on their employees' specific requirements. It will enable your organization to be proactive in recognizing, rewarding, and developing staff and in addressing issues as they emerge.

Compensation Survey

A custom compensation survey can be a valuable tool in the design of a competitive compensation program. While the purpose of the compensation survey may vary from organization to organization, administering a customized compensation surveys to meet the needs of an organization has some key advantages:
  • Obtain current market data targeted to an organization’s direct peer market.
  • Focused, position-specific data.