Compensation Consulting

JER HR Group offers compensation consulting services customized to our clients' needs. We bring to each assignment a team of experienced HR professionals who specialize in compensation and who can provide customized solutions to your company such as:

  • Compensation Philosophy: Articulate and document your organization's philosophy and policies.
  • Job Analysis: Create and/or update job descriptions that are compliant with ADA, FLSA overtime requirements and other regulations
  • Job Evaluation: Review and evaluate positions to determine their internal equity and placement into a salary grade structure.
  • Custom Compensation Survey: Conduct confidential third-party surveys of competitors within your company's industry and geographic area.
  • Market Pricing Analysis: Review available salary survey data and recommend both base pay and incentive award opportunities.
  • Variable Pay: Develop formal incentive plans that reflect a "balanced scorecard approach.”
  • Compensation Structure: Restructure components of compensation to achieve a market-competitive base salary and benefits plan coupled with a performance-driven incentive plan
  • Overall Compensation Plan: Design and develop a plan that is reliable, understandable, and readily communicated.

Our Compensation Consulting Services include:

  • Compensation Philosophy and Strategy
  • Staff Compensation
  • Executive Compensation
  • Incentive Compensation

Our services assist clients in establishing total compensation approaches that are competitive, but also assure that their program complies with regulatory requirements. In each of the sections that follow, we describe more specific consulting services available to clients.


  • Facilitate discussion and provide guidance in developing an organization’s total compensation strategy
  • Set and articulate compensation philosophy
  • Market price executive and staff compensation levels
  • Analyze benefits and perquisites in relation to an organization’s total compensation strategy
  • Create innovative staff and management incentive plans


  • Interview the incumbent and develop the job description
  • Compare the job against JER HR Group database and market data
  • Develop base compensation and compensation range
  • Develop organizational annual salary review process


  • Identify skills and unique qualifications required as part of a compensation strategy for executives
  • Facilitate discussion with the Board of Directors or Compensation Committee to establish a compensation strategy for key executives
  • Conduct market analysis of the value of an executive’s total compensation package, including base salary, total cash compensation, benefits and perquisites
  • Intermediate Sanctions Compliance Review
  • NY State Executive Order 38 reviews


  • Prepare job descriptions that support successful performance
  • Conduct job analyses to assess job content and determine appropriate titles across an organization
  • Design and implement job evaluation systems in an organization
  • Conduct market pricing analyses of selected benchmark jobs in relation to comparable jobs using JER database and published data sources
  • Design salary structures (salary grades/bands and ranges) that reflect the competitive market
  • Develop salary administration procedures including guidelines
  • Develop staff communications plan to facilitate staff and/or supervisory orientation
  • Conduct industry-specific or position-specific custom surveys


  • Facilitate discussion with client staff leadership and other stakeholders around the feasibility of implementing incentive pay plans
  • Design short- and long-term incentive plans to motivate and reward eligible staff
  • Develop executive incentive plans to those with the highest level of accountability for organizational success
  • Create spot award programs (one-time lump sum payments) and non-cash recognition awards


  • Design total compensation philosophy that includes base, variable, retirement and deferred compensation programs
  • Consider use of Supplemental retirement income plan including 457 (b) and 457(f) plans
  • Collaborate with retirement service providers on behalf of clients to implement deferred compensation plan
  • Work with client HR team to design communication plan and rollout documents


  • Help create a strategic sales compensation vision
  • Align sales compensation plans with the organization goals
  • Develop appropriate sales measures that link pay-to-performance
  • Design an overall sales compensation program that motivates the salesperson, recognizes top performing staff and improves organizational performance

Industries We Have Served

Consulting Healthcare Legal Faith-Based
Education Higher Education Manufacturing Retail
Financial Services Homecare Municipality Telecommunications
Transportation Insurance Nonprofit Travel Services