To determine a salary for an employee or a new hire, an organization would consider multiple organizational factors. Additionally, external equity (market pricing) and internal equity (job analysis) would determine the salary range of a position that is appropriate for a position.

JER HR Group for the past 25 years has been conducting Staff Compensation nationwide for its clients, through a structured process.

  • We generally review a staff position in the organization based on their work and their job description. We will review the job description and if one is not available, will prepare job descriptions that define a position’s role, key responsibilities, qualifications and job factors that support successful performance.
  • Conduct job analyses to assess if job content and titles are used consistently; identify factors across an organization that can be used to determine appropriate groupings of jobs.
  • Design and implement job evaluation systems that provide a clear, rational basis for determining the relative internal value of jobs and creating salary grades or bands.
  • Conduct market pricing analyses to determine current salaries in the external labor market for comparable jobs. If needed, design and administer custom compensation surveys to obtain data on current salary, benefits, and compensation and benefits practices from peer organizations.
  • Design salary structures (salary grades/bands and ranges) that establish an array of pay opportunities that are consistent with the market value for groups of jobs and reflect internal organization value.
  • Develop salary administration procedures that support consistent and equitable decisions regarding staff compensation, including guidelines for merit increases, promotion increases and in-range adjustments.
  • Develop staff communications to explain the compensation plan and its various components, and steps to be taken in plan implementation. Lead or facilitate staff and/or supervisory orientation sessions.



  • We will create a strategic plan and will also develop implementation plan.
  • We develop compensation plan implementation to implement strategic efforts.
  • Develop a model for employee talent profile - we develop a model that can be used to assess the talents and competencies of individual employees against job profiles. This will help in developing both S/T and L/T career path.