360 Survey

JER HR Group conducts multiple 360 survey each year. There are multiple ways to implement a 360 survey depending on the organizational requirement. Typically, JER HR Group would conduct 360 survey

  • Organization wide
  • Limited – top down
  • Limited – bottom up
  • Focus on team development
  • Certain management personnel, e.g. production, administrative, etc.

Many of our clients on completion of the survey, have implemented multiple follow through activities that has further enhanced the survey outcome

  • As an employee feedback without identifying the source. The sanitized data will cover employee’s supervisor, peers, reporting staff members, co-workers and customers
  • Utilize the survey results to give an opportunity to employees to respond through a self-assessment. The feedback provides the employee with a view of his or her effectiveness as an employee, co-worker, or staff member.
  • Use as identification of strengths, weaknesses, mentoring insights and areas needing professional development.


JER HR Group approach

We use online tools to work with our clients on their 360 survey projects. Some of the tools we use are

Checkpoint 360

The Checkpoint 360™ is a professional development tool which measures skills that positively impact a manager's growth. It measures a manager's competencies, which are verified from a variety of perspectives, and pinpoints ways to enhance skills. CheckPoint 360™ is an ongoing process that can be utilized at key intervals to monitor performance. It assesses professional development by measuring 70 factors in eight performance areas crucial to job performance. JER HR Group will provide the following services to support the use of the CheckPoint 360™.

  • A 360° process using the Profiles CheckPoint 360™ that is individually administered via internet to the participants, an individual report summarizing results provided to individuals.
  • The 360° process will include a manager’s self-rating, rating by the boss, rating by up to 4 peers, rating by up to 4 direct reports.
  • All communications to participants and raters (e.g., emails, personal contact, instructions) will be provided by consultant.
  • A personalized individual report identifying the manager’s strengths and areas needing improvement will be provided to each participant.




EVERYTHING DiSC® 363™ FOR LEADERS , a tool developed by Inscape Publishing, builds on the DiSC Personality Profile. It enables individuals to not only become aware of how their behavioral preferences impact their own direct actions, but also to receive feedback from others as to how they are perceived.For those organizations using the DiSC assessment, this 363 tool brings an organizational approach to behavioral development by providing managers, peers, direct reports and others to provide feedback.

It includes an exclusive selectable comments feature that allows raters to give focused, balanced, constructive feedback that the leader can use for developmental planning. It employs clear visuals and charts and a conversational narrative style that makes the report easy to understand. The assessment profiles leaders by helping them understand how others see them. Using easy to read visuals, rich cuts of data and feedback breakdowns plus three personalized strategies for effectiveness, the leader can translatetheir feedback into a personal development plan.

Raters save time and stress by selecting from behavior-based comments that give more context and depth to their feedback while, at the same time, standardizing feedback from different sources.

The DiSC 363™ answers the “Now What?” question by giving participants their next steps with three things they can focus on in their developmental planning.

  • The Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders is individually administered via internet to the 7 participants and their selected raters, with the outcome being the individual feedback and coaching reports summarizing results.
  • The 360° process will include a manager’s self-rating, rating by the boss, and ratings by an unlimited number of peers and direct reports.
  • The 360° process will be administered via internet.Authorized Partner - Everything DiSC - A Wiley Brand