JER HR Group helps clients in strategic projects in developing a HR department that address its current and future needs. We help our clients in the following areas


  • We support our clients in their internal organizational communication process
  • We help clients in developing an organizational strategy for communication that can be either project specific or a broad based effort to change the model.
  • Design a consistent communication model that


  • Review Job Families - We review job families, make revisions in partnership with clients Develop Progression - We develop career progression plan across functional areas.
  • Determine KSF and proficiency level - For all job levels, we identify gaps and develop plans to address through education or development of specific skills.
  • Develop a model for employee talent profile - we develop a model that can be used to assess the talents and competencies of individual employees against job profiles. This will help in developing both S/T and L/T career path.
  • Assist in Communication - we develop career pathing model and work with HR in developing communication plan