Capacity Building in the 21st Century

Capacity Building in the 21st Century is a unique set of services designed to provide customized training and development for nonprofit professionals. These offerings are comprised of three primary components which include:

  1. Nonprofit Management Training
  2. Technical Assistance
  3.  Consultation

Our clients are introduced to a capacity building approach to maintain and sustain their nonprofit organization. Our training workshops and seminars teach participants “how to” manage a nonprofit and participants leave with skills, a strategic process and nonprofit management tools.

Many participants receive “one-on-one assistance”, either on-site or virtual, with applying the skills, strategic process and tools they obtained from our workshops and seminars.

Consultation is available to support and encourage participants by providing them professional assistance and guidance on how to lead a nonprofit to a successful future.

Capacity Builders is committed to building the skills of individuals, community leaders and groups and nonprofit professionals so they can successfully maintain and sustain nonprofits.

The success of our capacity building services is made possible by a team of Capacity Building Specialists that collectively bring more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and management.