It is extremely important for all organizations to define and design their performance management system and processes that is transparent and supports performance planning; provides documentation of performance results; promotes employee performance development; and links pay to performance.

JER HR Group takes a holistic approach to Performance Management System development.  Our approach to Performance Management emanates from a strategic perspective that encompasses strategic planning, review current processes and propose improvements, changes and solution alternatives.

Typically, our performance management project would involve the following


Strategic Design

In this model, we review the current process, identify gaps and propose solutions in partnership with the client team.  We develop business solutions, assistance in execution, implement new technology solutions.

  • Our process would include current state analysis of identifying, measuring and developing employees and overall alignment of performance against Strategic goals. We also can evaluate the system and processes from both employees’ and managers’ perspective.
  • We focus on aligning employee goals with the client’s business strategy



Our solution implementation model covers various aspects of Performance Management solution that addresses client needs.

  • Goals Alignment: When we design a solution, we will integrate solution that is in line with organizational goals and vision, facilitate organizational change and protect the client from legal issues by developing a solution that builds fairness and transparency. We also will focus on aligning employee goals with the client’s business strategy
  • SMART Design: Integrating Organizational goals and vision, we work with our clients in developing and setting SMART goals and measurement standards, leading to improves results, behavior with desires transparency.
  • Technology Solution: We work with our clients in analyzing their existing business and technology process.  We will review the current state and desired state and identify technology solution that could fit the organization.
  • Compensation Design: In this model, we integrate the Performance Management process to compensation or rewards design, that facilitates the organization to identify and differentiate different performers and build a career path for staff.

 Technical Implementation Overview

  • Review: Identify current model, review current state. Explore the process for an engaged employees and organization
  • Design: Based on our review, we will design a model that addresses organizational issues, develops or improve performance metrics and stress test the model
  • Implement: Support the implementation of new model, rollout of the new model, design communication process and provide necessary ongoing support. Our goal is to develop a solution and a process that facilitates both ongoing coaching and feedback that is coupled with career growth and continuous improvement.