Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an organizational management activity to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals in response to a changing environment. It is a structured effort that produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, customers it serves or targets focusing on the future. Effective strategic planning articulates a clear idea of where an organization is heading and actions needed to make progress.

The Power of Strategic Planning

While the process of Strategic Planning has been considered an organizational “best practice” for many years, it is becoming even more critical in today’s fast-changing marketplace.  The rapid pace of change and the need for continual organizational assessment and transformation means that Strategic Plans now must function more than just a “roadmap.”    A successful organization needs a clear vision of where it wants to go and a road map to help it get there. JER HR Group delivers clear strategies and tactics tied to real time frames, budget and accountabilities that organizations can use to manage implementation and performance at every level.

The Goal-Based strategic planning process is a powerful tool for building your organization’s capacity.  Beyond the practical function of providing a “GPS” for the organization’s goals and day to day work, the planning process itself has the potential to inspire and energize your team and community stakeholders.

Why choose JER HR Group for your Strategic Planning Initiative?

At JER HR Group, our strategic planning process is based on over 20 years of experience. We operate using the following philosophy:

  • We believe that no two strategic planning processes should be alike. Our approach to each process is unique and is tailored to our client’s goals, history and current situation.
  • We believe that for a strategic planning process to be successful, an organization’s leadership must be fully committed and adequate internal resources must be allocated. JER HR Group consultants will bring an objective expertise to the process, with a right mix of internal resources for access to information.
  • We believe that a Strategic Plan should be a living document. We help our clients structure a process for continued review and action throughout the life of the plan.
  • We believe that the real value of strategic planning is in the process, not in the paper. Our consultants will take sufficient time to hear all voices and work through the process in a way that yields a comprehensive result.

Our Expertise

Our highly regarded and respected Senior Professionals take a systematic approach, partnering with every client, beginning with listening to their needs, concerns and issues, initiating a process that provides practical solutions, the appropriate protocols and then addressing each need until every requirement has been met.

Our Reputation

JER HR Group can assess organizational concerns and issues within all areas of corporations and the non-profit sector.  Applying 25 years of expertise and a “whatever it takes” attitude, our goal remains the same; provide flexible, reliable best practices combined with solutions for our client partners for positive outcomes.  Our proven reputation is built on our clients’ satisfaction, which is our highest priority.

Our Approach

We complete each phase of our Strategic Planning Processes through inclusive facilitation, intensive information collection and analysis, and provision of tools for aligning goals and strategies into an action based and outcomes oriented framework.  This inclusive, iterative process will also result in the engagement and support of key stakeholders and the community as a whole in moving the plan forward.

The process will result in a strong Strategic Plan to guide the work of positioning your organization for long-term success in achieving its mission.

Our consultants have extensive experience in organizational assessment and planning.  We use a proven Goal-based Strategic Planning process to position your organization for success. We can guide your organization’s leadership in performing an asset-focused assessment of your current strategic position, visioning and defining an aspirational strategic target, and developing the detailed strategies to move your organization to that next level. We will tailor the assessment and planning process to fit your organization’s unique situation by utilizing customized Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Challenge (SWOT) analytics, on-line survey software, Center for Creative Leadership Visual Explorer ™ visioning tools.  Our consultants provide vigorous process based facilitation to bring out creative ideas that become grounded in pragmatic strategies for implementation and accountability.

JER HR Group also has a comprehensive slate of Leadership Development training and services that can give your staff and board the tools to develop a strong culture of leadership to successfully implement your plan.

The JER HR Group Goal-Based Strategic Planning Process

Key Steps

  1. Use a systematic approach in strategic planning, including agreed-upon definitions, agreement regarding the intended results of the process, and clear information on how the results will be attained.
  2. Take time to do some big picture visioning, preferably off-site to minimize distractions.
  3. The Strategic Plan must be actionable and should contain specific steps, responsible parties and deadlines. Periodic reviews should take place to monitor progress.
  4. The communication of the final Strategic Plan should be included in the process as a significant event.
  5. Make sure that consensus is built among the management teams.
  6. Include a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.



Our Phase 5, Implementation is an important execution step.  We fully understand “execution” is everything in successful implementation of planning. We work with our clients in helping them achieve their goals.  We have developed a structured process to design and implement the execution process.

Structure the team

To implement successfully, organizations have to build the right team with the leader having organizational or sponsor support to execute the strategy and be responsible for the overall implementation. Team leader should also be given flexibility to hire the right team for each objective.

Measure Appropriately

We partner with our clients in defining objectives, a very important step.  Clear objectives are the best way to drive performance improvements.  We also integrate individual objectives with the strategy at the organizational level.  We also work in defining a structured process for assessment, quality improvements and management reporting.

Manage process ownership and Implementation challenges

Once the leaders and work teams have been established for each objective, the next step is to identify the ideal projects to accomplish each objective. Due to many resource constraints, a filtering system is required to prioritize potential projects based on criteria such as alignment with strategic focus, expected ROI, resource needed etc. to select the best options for implementation.

Create Internal Equity

In order to realize the efficiency of implementation, organizational alignment must be tied to strategy implementation for successful implementation.  This requires aligning individual and department goals with organizational goals, aligning strategic priorities and processes with strategic management processes. Effective communication and collaboration is a critical success factor here.

Integrate strategy to Performance Management

We help clients in defining goals that are clearly defined and communicated with the team. We work with clients in integrating new strategic implementation goals to their existing performance management process. We work on reengineering performance management process to evaluate performance and adjust the plan as needed.