Workforce Analysis


A Workforce Analysis project will provide your organization with actionable data regarding the current workforce. This information is valuable in identifying areas that impact the workforce as a whole or in part. It also informs succession planning by providing a starting point for action to address gaps in competencies and experience in your workforce.


JER HR Group approaches this type project as follows:

  • JER HR Group can work with you to develop a succession plan program to include management development as well as identification of key roles and progress tracking in order to fill identified gaps in key areas, increase human capital retention and build a strong base for future growth.
  • Steps in this process include a Talent Assessment Initiative using the PXT Select™ instrument, creating benchmarks for the Talent Assessment job roles and analyzing current employee job fit.
  • JER HR Group is an independent PXT Select Authorized Partner.  PXT Select™ helps fill in the gap between the resume and the interview. It provides you with actionable data about employees in a simple to understand format.  This tool provides a very robust suite of reports that help our consultants create an analysis of your workforce that will give you direction toward your organization’s future growth.