Why use Employee Engagement Surveys?

  • For an organization to be successful, it mustbuild a sound organizational culture.
  • Engaging and leveraging the talent within an organization is key to driving high performance in the workplace.
  • Part of a sound organization culture is a high performing workforce that is interconnected and engaged across all aspects of the business.
  • A robust employee engagement process can help an organization to develop workforce management strategies that are built on their employees’ specific requirements. It will enable your organization to be proactive in recognizing, rewarding, and developing staff and in addressing issues as they emerge.

About Our Surveys

  • JER HR Group customizes employee engagement surveys and analyses to your organization’s needs.
  • JER HR Group employee engagement process goes beyond the standard survey tool to also incorporate various modes of connecting with your staff, through face-to-face sessions as well as other connection points in this "multi-generational" workforce.
  • We are able to engage with our clients at multiple levels. Typical project steps includes
    • Establish project goals
    • Develop and implement a communication plan
    • Integrate client staff as required to make sure project receives right level of attention
    • Identify and support in the implementation of follow-up actions