HR Services

As a leading human resource outsourcing firm, JER HR Group provides HR Services to all types of organizations that require additional external team support with extended services and expertise.  We have the years of invaluable experience and skills to deliver services to your team that help you create policies, procedures and a positive infrastructure to facilitate safety and legal compliance throughout your organization.

Our consultants customize comprehensive support services through special project work, individual consultations, group presentations or pre-arranged weekly activities. We offer both an ongoing or as-needed support through a flexible retained service model.

We offer the following HR Support Services, designed to be a part of your comprehensive, proactive strategy to help your organization’s day-to-day operations and ad-hoc projects.  Our consultants are current in regulations and trends and review new case rulings on a regular basis.



Over the years, many companies, small and mid-sized, have outsourced their HR functions and responsibilities to us, leveraging our deep experience and expertise across a variety of industries.  We can:

  • Help you build your HR infrastructure from the ground up.
  • Strengthen and support your current HR function.
  • Be your HR Department if you don’t have one or be of interim support if you need help for a shorter period of time.

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We perform a comprehensive HR Audit to review current HR policies, procedures, documentation and an operational review to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function, as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.

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An Employee Handbook of policies, procedures and benefits exists to ensure compliance with all your organization’s legal requirements and to communicate to employees a culture of consistency, fairness and commitment by management.  We can review your existing handbook for compliance and identify any area requiring revision.  If you don’t have a handbook, we can work with you to develop and build one that reflects the mission and goals of your organization.

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JER HR Group consultants consistently keep our many clients updated with frequently evolving federal and state regulations. Many organizations find it difficult to keep pace with so many changes.  As a result, they frequently solicit our consultants’ advice and then make the decision to outsource their program management to us.

Our experts can help your organization with a variety of support functions including FMLA policy and procedures development and training.

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With so many regulations and requirements, human resource issues can be overwhelming. Our online on-demand HR training allows your company to deliver training anytime, from anywhere (even on mobile devices) and to monitor and track learner progress. We provide assistance with reporting and course administration.

Our library offers a broad set of HR training and development courses at very reasonable per learner pricing.  Topics include preventing sexual harassment, employment law, diversity, and more for both supervisors and employees.  Some course topics are also offered in Spanish.



JER HR Group offers Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) preparation for our clients who wish to outsource this task. Our AAP consultant has 25 years’ experience in the management of human resources and over 12 years’ experience consulting and training in Affirmative Action.  She is current on the latest Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations so that you are provided an audit-ready Affirmative Action plan.

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Just need to be able to ask for occasional guidance from an expert on issues as they arise?  We also offer discounted packages where you will receive a certain number of hours of telephone and email support in a one-year period for day to day consultation in areas such as:

  • Guidance on policies and processes
  • Compliance formalities
  • Assistance with documents and forms related to human resource
  • Guidance on do’s and don’ts for HR, Recruitment, Emails or conversations
  • Employee Relations
  • Immigration guidelines
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Other HR services as needed