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Preemployment Assessment

The latest in video interviewing technology is here! Identify the right candidate for the job through this online screening tool!
Save money
Video screening reduces travel costs associated with bringing candidates in for face-to-face interviews and saves valuable human resources spent scheduling and conducting phone screening interviews.
Save time
Are your hiring managers wasting valuable time interviewing bad candidates? While video screening is not meant to REPLACE the interview, it allows your hiring managers to more effectively select the best candidates to bring in for face-to-face interviews.
Eliminate scheduling hassles
The demands of scheduling interview times between busy hiring managers and job candidates impedes your time to hire. Allowing candidates to use this screening tool at times convenient to them boosts the speed of your hiring process.
Discover and attract top talent
Video screening allows you to affordably check out more top candidates outside of your immediate geography, while the technology demonstrates to them that your organization is on the cutting edge.
Hire more effectively
A video screening solution that allows you to record the candidate responses (one-way and two-way, something Skype doesn’t offer) enables you and your team to compare candidates and review responses as many times as you like, thus allowing you to hire more effectively.
Go Green
Video screening promotes a healthy environment by reducing the carbon emissions associated with flying in candidates for interviews. Also, by reducing the number of candidates interviewed face-to-face, your paper trail is reduced.
Increase collaboration
Recorded video screenings allow you to share your candidate’s responses with colleagues and members of the hiring team so a more informed decision can be made.
Reduce discrimination
Administering an automated screening process provides a structured setting where each candidate answers the same questions, thereby reducing the possibility of discrimination. Seeing and hearing the candidate reduces biases formed from resume viewing only. Recorded sessions provide evidence of your non-discriminatory practices. (And video screening is acceptable to the EEOC.)
More revealing than a phone screen
A large proportion of communication is visual. Using video, you can better gauge a candidate’s enthusiasm for the job by seeing as well as hearing them.
Get an edge over your competitors
In the war for attracting top talent, video screening will allow you to see more candidates and move top candidates more quickly through the hiring process than can your competitors, ensuring you a better shot at landing them as employees.

If you would like to experience a video interview for yourself or would like to discuss using video interview technology in your business, please call us at (336) 292-1911 or email us. We will respond promptly!

Employee Assessments

Through our partnership with Carolina Profiles and JER HR Group offers assessments that can help organizations find the right people, shape them into a winning team, and lead them to their full potential. Some of our more popular employment assessments are the ProfileXT®, Checkpoint 360™ and Step One Survey II®. If you’re not sure about what assessment solution you need, call us at (336) 292-1911 or send us an email.

ProfilesXT® assessments provide validated and highly reliable information that can help your organization make better hiring and management decisions. They help you select the right people, develop their professional skills, and establish effective succession planning. With our wide variety of products addressing every stage of the employee lifecycle, you are sure to find a solution that meets your needs. This assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization. The “job matching” feature of the PXT is unique, and it enables you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job. It is used throughout the employee life cycle for selection, on-boarding, managing and strategic workforce planning.

DiSC® – DiSC® is a behavioral assessment tool designed to help you become aware of how you approach responsibilities and work with others. This tool can be utilized as a standalone tool or in conjunction with Myers-Briggs or other personality assessments. There are several different types of DiSC® assessments for different teams and scenarios. JER HR Group is an authorized DiSC® distributor and uses the tool to bring teams from all types of industries and backgrounds to a greater awareness of their diversity, workstyles, personality traits and thinking style. The benefits of using this powerful tool are that it brings understanding and facilitates teamwork, facilitates open and honest conversation, promotes team building and reduces conflict.

Applicant Tracking System

ApplicantPool is an Applicant Tracking System that was designed to be simple yet powerful. ApplicantPool can help you with posting jobs, publishing the ad, screening applicants, sending thank you and rejection emails, pre-hire assessments, background screening and more. It can also help you create a positive company brand by offering applicants easy-to-find online job postings, automated resume uploads, and professional email communications. There are also mobile friendly applications available!! ApplicantPool also integrates with Profiles Assessments (a tool for pre-hire job fit evaluation) and BambooHR (online HR database). We have pricing to fit most any budget.

Online HR Database Tool

BambooHR is an amazing online HR database that gives you easy access to your employee records and relieves paperwork headaches for businesses like yours. BambooHR centralizes your employee data so you can control, sort, and analyze it from anywhere. AND, it’s remarkably affordable! Learn more about BambooHR. Please call (336) 292-1911 or e-mail us to set up a personalized demonstration of this powerful tool for your company.

Internal Investigations

Investigating employee claims of illegal or unethical conduct in the workplace is a vital human resource practice that should not be taken lightly. While preventative measures should always be taken to make sure misconduct does not occur, incidents may still happen that need to be investigated. Although a poor investigation is worse than no investigation at all, not thoroughly investigating these claims, may lead to liability for the employer. Documentation is paramount in any investigation. Conducting a neutral, well-executed and well-documented investigation may help employers avoid damaging lawsuits. Employers have an ethical and legal obligation to act on such claims and communicate a message of fairness, impartiality and a “no retaliation policy” to all employees. Employers should also possess knowledge of discrimination/harassment laws, knowledge of employee handbook and policies, objectivity and credibility, good questioning and communication skills, and good listening skills. Your ability to get the facts, identify potential witnesses and remaining neutral could make the difference between a successful investigation and an open door for lawsuits. Always remember that if you are conducting an investigation, adhere to the company’s best practices.

JER HR Group has a highly qualified team to skillfully investigate these types of situations to conclusion and to help you achieve the skills necessary to conduct a thorough investigation. Our professionals understand the sensitive nature of investigations and the need to act promptly to achieve resolution early in the investigation to prevent lawsuits. We can help you identify best practices for internal investigations and provide harassment training to help prevent the occurrence of illegal or unethical behavior.

Employee and Client Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys

JER HR Group conducts employee engagement surveys and sessions to help leaders learn more about where their organization can create more employee buy-in and engage their workforce to maximize overall performance. These surveys also allow management to see how well their organization’s core values are being communicated and demonstrated.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee opinion surveys aim to glean important information from employees in terms of their daily experience with the organization. What are the employee’s basic needs from the employer and are they being met? What are some desired programs that should be in place to promote employee professional growth? What benefits, if any, should the company offer that they are not already offering? These are examples of potential points to keep in mind when developing employee opinion surveys.