Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

JER HR Group offers Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) preparation for our clients who wish to outsource this task. Our AAP consultant has 25 years’ experience in the management of human resources and over 12 years’ experience consulting and training in Affirmative Action.  She is current on the latest Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations so that you are provided an audit-ready Affirmative Action plan.

JER HR Group’s AAP services include:

WORKFORCE ANALYSIS:  A listing of job titles by department or organizational work unit, reported by number of employees in the job, as well as number of males, females and minorities.  The job titles are ranked from lowest to highest paid based on wage rates or pay grade. There is no statistical analysis in this report.  It is simply a presentation of your company’s workforce by department.

JOB GROUP ANALYSIS: A listing of job titles by groups based on the job position’s EEO classification (1.1 Executive, 1.2 First-Level Managers, 2 Professionals, 3 Technicians, 4 Sales, 5 Administrative Support, 6 Craft Workers, 7 Operatives, 8 Laborers & Helpers, 9 Service Workers) and by the similarity in job duties, compensation and opportunities for advancement.  The data is reported by the number of employees in each job group then broken out by the number of males, females and minorities.  There is no statistical analysis in this report.  It is simply a presentation of your company’s workforce by job group.  NOTE: Your AAP consultant will assist with the development of Job Groups.

AVAILABILITY ANALYSIS: Availability is an estimate of the proportion of each sex and race/ethic group available and qualified for employment for a given job group in the relevant labor market during the life of an AAP.  Two Factors (External and Internal Recruitment) are used to determine the availability percentages for each Job Group.  NOTE: In addition to developing Job Groups for your workforce, your consultant will assign specific census codes using the 2000 US Census Data and determine custom recruitment areas.

COMPARISON OF INCUMBENCY TO AVAILABILITY: Once the Availability data is created for your company, the statistics from the general population workforce will be compared against your company’s workforce.

PLACEMENT GOALS: The results of the Comparison of Incumbency to Availability will determine what, if any, minorities or females are underrepresented within a job group.  If any of these areas are found to be underrepresented, a placement goal will be set at the availability percentage.

PERSONNEL TRANSACTION SUMMARIES FOR HIRES, PROMOTIONS AND TERMINATIONS:  While a review of these transactions is required as part of the affirmative action plan development, the results of this analysis provides extremely critical information about how your company makes selection decisions.  The in-depth analysis will highlight any potential threat for systemic discrimination.  If discovered, actions can be taken to thwart potential claims of discrimination made by the government if your company is selected for a compliance review.

ITEM #11 COMPENSATION REPORT AS REQUIRED IN AN OFCCP AUDIT: Although only required for submission if your company is selected for an OFCCP compliance review, this report is provided as part of the affirmative action plan development. It is a summary of each position’s salary, grouped by comparing Females vs. Males and Minorities vs. Non-Minorities.  The government may draw conclusions from this report.  Further compensation analysis is done behind the scenes to insure there are no underlying compensation problems within your pay structure.

A CUSTOM NARRATIVE PLAN FOR MINORITIES AND WOMEN: Narratives are prepared to mirror your company’s organization and best practices.  Some language is required in an affirmative action plan, whether or not your company actually is practicing those recommended policies.  Your consultant will work with you to develop a plan that most accurately reflects your practices and help your organization put steps in place to fulfill the required elements of a sound affirmative action plan.

A CUSTOM NARRATIVE PLAN FOR DISABLED PERSONS AND VETERANS:  Narratives are prepared that contain required language found under the regulations in The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA).  Your consultant will work with you to ensure the required elements are being implemented by your organization.

SUMMARY OF FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:  A report highlighting the areas in your organizations affirmative action plan that need to be addressed will be provided.  This will include a discussion of identified goals and action plans, compensation concerns, as well as any potential problems with selection decisions.

TELEPHONE RESOURCES:  Your AAP Consultant is always a phone call away to assist with day to day challenges or advice related to Affirmative Action.