Support Services

As a leading human resource outsourcing firm, JER HR Group provides HR Support Services to all types of organizations that require additional external team support with extended services and expertise.  We have the years of invaluable experience and skills to deliver services to your team that help you create policies, procedures and a positive infrastructure to facilitate safety and legal compliance throughout your organization.

Our HR Support Services are designed to be a part of your comprehensive, proactive strategy to help with your organization’s day-to-day operations and ad-hoc projects.  Our consultants are current in regulations and trends and review new case rulings on a regular basis.


We perform a comprehensive HR Audit to review current HR policies, procedures, documentation and an operational review to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function, as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.  We present our findings to you along with our recommendations to ensure your full legal compliance, reduce liability exposure and seek opportunities to reduce costs and improve profits.

We will also, with your approval, help you to implement the recommendations from the audit.

Employee Handbooks

An Employee Handbook of policies, procedures and benefits exists to ensure compliance with all your organization’s legal requirements and to communicate to employees a culture of consistency, fairness and commitment by management.  We can review your existing handbook for compliance and identify any area requiring revision.  If you don’t have a handbook, we can work with you to develop and build one that reflects the mission and goals of your organization.

We will include the most recently recognized handbook policies / updates, such as those regarding LGBT and, specifically, transgender employees, social media / data privacy, and state-specific laws.