Support Services

JER HR Group’s goal is to provide expert support to you in everyday areas of the HR function. We offer on-site and off-site support in the following areas on a partnership basis.


HR audits are a vital part of a comprehensive, proactive strategy to help a company avoid legal liability. JER HR Group provides a comprehensive HR audit to help you identify and correct potential pitfalls in maintaining legal compliance. Please click here to review the audit topic.
Why conduct an HR Audit

Employee Handbooks

An employee policy manual (handbook) is one of the best ways to provide structure and a baseline by which to maintain the welfare of your organization and employees. We will review your existing handbook for compliance and identify areas needed for revisions. If you do not have an existing handbook, we will work with you to build a policy manual that reflects the mission and goals of your organization, including information such as hours of work, vacation policies and holiday schedules. Handbooks are also beneficial documentation in the case of dealing with an internal investigation or a lawsuit.
Why have a Handbook

Affirmative Action Plans

JER HR Group provides affirmative action plans to help you stay compliant with EEOC regulations regarding hiring and classification of your employees. Analyses are performed to match your representative demographics against the general workforce to ensure fair hiring, termination, classification and compensation practices and to help you avoid discrimination pitfalls. We provide a summary of our findings highlighting the areas in your organizations AAP that need to be addressed. We also provide telephone support for any concerns you may have with regard to your AAP.

Interim HR Management

With the myriad of regulations and requirements, human resource issues can be overwhelming, but there is an alternative to handling everything yourself. We can partner with you to discover your needs and act as your human resource department or support the one you have. Should you have an unexpected vacancy, we will help fill the gap until a new person is hired.

Job Descriptions

Organizations must have current, accurate job descriptions for all positions in order to maintain equitable pay as well as effective hiring and retention programs. We will work with you to gather the information needed to create the well-developed job descriptions crucial to your organization’s compensation and performance strategy.

Outplacement Counseling

Coaching Forward helps ease the termination process. We provide assistance and support on the first day of an employee's termination, guiding your organization and managers through the release process. What's more, we enable your released employees to leave with dignity, armed with a plan for their future. We have the flexibility to meet specific requirements on the day of release and beyond.

  • Identify the client’s unique skills and talents through objective assessments and discussions with the individual and his/her manager when appropriate.
  • Collaborate with the client to clarify and own his goals and create clarity about the goals of the organization and what success looks like for the individual as well as the organization.
  • Challenge the client to develop creative strategies to maximize his/her success.
  • Based on the results of the assessments and the goals of the organization, partner with the client to develop a plan of action to achieve objectives and goals and monitor progress.
  • Identify and focus on measurable results while ensuring excellence in the results produced.
  • Facilitate a learning process with a focus on direct application.
  • Support the client on developing and strengthening their own coaching skills so they can challenge and empower their staff to achieve amazing results in their own work.
  • Create a safe and confidential environment to promote growth.

Union Avoidance

Remaining union free in today's world of the internet, free-flow of information, employee activism and aggressive regulatory agencies is a challenge for every management team. Union avoidance can only be achieved by companies who pay attention to their employees and continually make the effort to engage and challenge them to contribute. Management must take a critical look at their working conditions to see where improvements can be made. Several factors need to be considered.

  • Is there a process for employees to complain and will the company act proactively to address these complaints?
  • Is the management consistently enforcing their rules and policies? Do company supervisors understand their role and responsibilities for enforcement of rules and policies? Does the company communicate with employees about things that affect the business and impacts their jobs?
  • Are there recent incidents of discipline or discharge without a thorough and impartial investigation?
  • Do employees feel ignored?
  • Do they receive only a minimum amount of information about the business, goals and successes or failures?
  • Does the management know and communicate the company's union philosophy?
  • Has company management identified current issues that cause unrest?

If you are unsure about the answers to these questions, your company may need a "union free workshop" that will educate and train your management and supervisors to administer an effective employee relations program and remain union free.

Online HR Database Tool

BambooHR is an amazing online HR database that gives you easy access to your employee records and relieves paperwork headaches for businesses like yours. BambooHR centralizes your employee data so you can control, sort, and analyze it from anywhere. AND, it’s remarkably affordable! Learn more about BambooHR. Please call (336) 292-1911 or e-mail us to set up a personalized demonstration of this powerful tool for your company.

Internal Investigations

Investigating employee claims of illegal or unethical conduct in the workplace is a vital human resource practice that should not be taken lightly. While preventative measures should always be taken to make sure misconduct does not occur, incidents may still happen that need to be investigated. Although a poor investigation is worse than no investigation at all, not thoroughly investigating these claims, may lead to liability for the employer. Conducting a neutral, well-executed and well-documented investigation may help employers avoid damaging lawsuits.

JER HR Group has a highly qualified team to skillfully investigate these types of situations to conclusion and to help you achieve the skills necessary to conduct a thorough investigation. Our professionals understand the sensitive nature of investigations and the need to act promptly to achieve resolution early in the investigation to prevent lawsuits. We can help you identify best practices for internal investigations and provide harassment training to help prevent the occurrence of illegal or unethical behavior.