WorkPlace Big Five Profile™


The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 personality assessment is based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality. Busy professionals can easily complete the 107 questions online in about 10-15 minutes. WorkPlace reports use graphs and neutral, work-centric language that provide a clear picture to participants.

The assessment will reveal an individual’s 5 personality supertraits and 23 subtraits that simply and clearly explain work-related behaviors found in day-to-day encounters with co-workers, employees, managers and colleagues.
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How can WorkPlace Big Five help your organization?

Through our customized coaching programs, The Big Five can help leaders and employees to:

  • Understand behavioral tendencies of individuals and their impact at work
  • Effectively accomplish workplace goals and objectives
  • Apply trait knowledge to a rapidly changing, diverse work arena

Through our Leadership and Team Building processes, The Big Five can help with:

  • Leadership
  • Teams
  • Job profiling and selection
  • Professional and career development
  • Communications
  • Succession planning
  • OD intervention

More about WorkPlace Big Five:

  • Extremely reliable in comparison to other available personality assessments
  • Well-accepted by those taking the assessment
  • Based on the most widely respected personality model in the personality research area—the Five-Factor Model.
  • Focused on behaviors in the work environment
  • Uncomplicated and easy to understand with a clear vocabulary of individual similarities and differences.