Applicant Pool

ApplicantPool is a web-based applicant tracking system that automates the employee application and screening process. ApplicantPool allows employers to post jobs, screen applicants, conduct background screening, utilize pre-hire assessments, and more. Job seekers can search the job postings and upload their resumes.

ApplicantPool has the following features:

  • A fully branded career site or “Job Board.”
  • Customizable online job applications.
  • Built in screening questions with auto-disqualifying features.
  • Applicant tracking.
  • Unlimited user log ins with varying levels of access.
  • Job advertising – pushes to free and paid job boards as well as social media.
  • Unlimited custom mail templates.
  • Robust reporting function including EEO information.
  • Integration with some assessments.

Administrators will LOVE:

  • No more duplicate applicants – Stops applicants from applying to a job multiple times if using the same email address.
  • Keyword Search - Search by keyword(s) in both the application and attached resumes
  • Disqualifying Questions - based on predefined answers to questions applicants can be marked as disqualified
  • Library - Build a library of job templates and job questions
  • Reference Check Form / Email – references can be emailed to complete a reference form or information can be captured over the phone.
  • Internal Job Board – new feature at no additional cost

Applicants will LOVE:

  • Mobile optimized – Applicants can apply on their mobile phones, tablets and attach resumes/files from Dropbox and Google Docs
  • Applicant “Profile” – Applicants can create a profile, that allows them to save their personal information and keep it up to date for the employers.
  • Job Alerts – Applicants can subscribe to your Job Alerts and be notified when you have a new opening.
  • Social Media – Applicants can help you share your openings using over 300 options including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
  • LinkedIn Profile – Applicants can (if turned on) Apply using their LinkedIn Profile to save time.