Interview4™ is an online video interviewing tool. Interview4 helps in reviewing more candidates in an efficient manner, saving you time and money. The video interview can be completed by the candidates based on their schedule within a set window of time determined by the employer. The candidates can easily access and record the interview through a webcam or mobile device.

Candidates can be compared side by side answering the same question. The questions can be text, audio or video. There are 3 methods to conduct the interview :

  1. Virtual one way interview: the candidates log in and answer the Question. The candidates get only one chance to answer the question.Once the question is completed, the candidate can move to next question.
  2. Virtual One way showcase: It’s like Virtual One way interview except that the candidates can see the questions in advance and get multiple chances to answer each one.
  3. Live 2-way interview: A live interview over the web. The questions can be recorded earlier or can be live as per the convenience. If recorded, chapter markers can be set along the way.

No separate software needs to be installed or downloaded. The software can be branded as per the client’s needs. For more information, please click here