We coach senior managers and managers aspiring to be great leaders in their organization. All our coaching programs have key features

Customized content: We customize our content to fit your organizational needs and at the level the manager is in the organization. The purpose of this coaching is for immediate implementation in the organization.

Individual attention: We combine coaching with an assessment utilizing multiple third party organizations. This objective assessment allows is to structure the program and address individual needs.

Ongoing education: We believe in continuous coaching and leadership development and all our programs are focused on ongoing training and education.





Management Coaching

Management coaching is an important leadership development program to coach upcoming managers in the organization to prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders. We customize programs to make sure it is relevant for the manager and the stated objective of the organization in developing the manager.

JER HR Group will develop a custom program that address core requirements that spread across the levels.

  • Preparing managers for cross-functional, cross-department skills and management
  • Prepare for a targeted progress of skill gap within a certified timeframe
  • Initiate/develop a mentor program to navigate the organizational issues and focus on career goals
Executive Coaching

We work with organizations all over the country in Coaching their executives develop their core leadership skills so they reach their fullest potential. The role of an executive at the senior level includes developing a direction for the organization, gain people’s commitment and bring the team along in executing the strategy.

JER HR Group works with client organization in customizing leadership program tha addresses the challenges and business opportunities of the organization. Typically, our program includes:

  • Developing a plan to engage the entire leadership and the management.
  • Customize a coaching program that address client needs and business priorities.
  • Approach both manager’s requirements and organizational needs simultaneously.
  • Extend the program to spread the value of coaching to all levels of your organization.

Coaching Overview

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creativeprocess that inspires them to maximize their personal and professionalpotential. These customized engagements often focus on organizational and strategic change, values clarification, leadership development, teambuilding, performance coaching and the development of high performing teams. Coaching helps new managers develop leadership and people skills. Coaching is about understanding how to set clear goals, agreements and strategies and then take appropriate action. Coaching is a process that will teach a leader to quickly identify each employee's behavior and motivators, so that he/she can communicate with them in a way that accelerates productivity and performance.

Feedback as a result of analysis provided by assessment tools play a key role in the delivery of these custom program. Assessments include, but are not limited to: MBTI, SDI, Predictive Index, True Colors, Change Style Indicator, Influence Style Indicator, Paper Planes Simulation* and 360 feedback.

Custom Programs – Training and Development:

Custom programs may be designed in the form of leadership development retreats, leadership series, half day or full day workshops. All custom programs will be developed based on the specific needsand desired outcomes of the organization. Common topics and areas of expertise include the following:

  • Developing High Performing Teams
  • Conflict Management for High Performing Teams
  • Teambuilding and Communication
  • Goal Setting and Action Plans
  • Values Clarification
  • Organizational Alignment and Linkage
    • Performance: Mission, Values, Behaviors, Performance Appraisal (Feedback)
    • Operationally: Mission, Organizational Goals, Departmental Goals, Budgetary Goals
  • Change Management
Much of this work is based on leadership style assessments that provide opportunities for greater self and other awareness. This leads to greater understanding of styles and ideally acceptance, or at least tolerance of different styles. For a team to move to a high performing status, they must go beyond tolerance of differences and recognize the value those different styles bring to the team. Recognition and utilization of these concepts is what is needed to be a truly effective and high performing team. This is the foundation on which additional capacity and skills are built.

Performance Coaching:

From a coaching perspective, strategies include the essential need for leaders to possess mastery of both functional competency as well as interpersonal skills. Key to any coaching relationship is identifying, communicating and bringing balance to this leadership effectiveness equation. Jeanine has a demonstrated history of developing relationships which enable those she coaches to hear these leadership messages in a meaningful way for change. This in turn allows individual leaders and their teams to identify leader strengths and areas for development which result in specific action plans and strategies to enhance individual and team performance.

Our Services

JER HR Group provides Coaching in a confidential, objective and non-judgmental environment that offers clients the opportunity to explore possibilities, examine self-limiting beliefs, and identify professional and personal strengths. Clients set goals, and develop plans of action to accomplish those goals.

Typically, the coachee(s) completes two assessments, one leadership style assessment and one 360 evaluative assessment. These two assessments are combined to provide a powerful context for an individual to identify productive strengths and overdone strengths along with a model and common language for leadership styles, motivations and behaviors. This model then provides tangible points of reference for feedback that is received via the 360 tool.

  • Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.
  • Coaches help people improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives.
  • A coach facilitates change in order to and help clients move beyond their own limitations.
  • A coach works to develop a relationship of trust, so that clients can freely talk through conflicts between an organization's demands and his/her own professional needs.
  • A coach holds clients accountable for commitments and plans of action.